Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Form of a...

Many visitors to this blog come here in search of the no-fault forms promulgated by the Insurance Department. To that end, please refer to this PDF file at the Ins. Dep't's website. It contains the following (titles are provided for the more commonly-used ones): NF-1A, NF-1B, NF-2 (Application for Benefits), NF-3 (Verification of Treatment), NF-4 (Verification of Hospital Treatment), NF-5 (Hospital Facility Form), NF-6 (Employer Wage Verification), NF-7 (Verification of Self-Employment), NF-8, NF-9, NF-10 (Denial of Claim Form), NF-11, NF-12, NF-13, and NF-AOB (Assignment of Benefits). For litigation purposes, at least, the typical no-fault medical claim will require an NF-2, NF-3 (or NF-4/5 if a hospital rendered treatment), NF-10 (if the claim was denied), and an NF-AOB. Beware of providers who modify the NF-3 and NF-AOB forms.

Re: the title of this entry: kudos to anyone who can come up with the most appropriate Wonder Twins power.


Anonymous said...

Regarding NYS Form NF-6, the last question of this application is difficult to comprehend...can you please explain what it means?

lee woo said...

Don't find fault, find a remedy. See the link below for more info.