Friday, March 23, 2007

Whole Wheat Rollin'

Please take notice of the recent addition to my NY blawg roll on the left side of your screen: New York Legal Update by Thomas Swartz, Esq., a former court attorney with the App. Div., 2d Dep't. After only a few weeks, Mr. Swartz has developed an entertaining and informative blawg, so let's hope it becomes a fixture for NY practitioners (i.e., so that Mr. Swartz can't take it with him when his lease runs out).

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Thomas Swartz said...

Thanks for noticing and linking to my Blawg. I'm am just getting started with my Blawg, working out the kinks in my format and content. I hope it will become a valuable resource for many. I am happy to join the New York Blawging community, and I look forward to exchanging comments and ideas about NY law, and blogging in general.