Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007: What the *%$! is Going On?

The reader is directed to No-Fault Paradise, a new entry in the highly-specific genre of New York no-fault automobile insurance law blogs from David M. Gottlieb, Esq., an attorney at Edward Shapiro, P.C., a prolific no-fault plaintiff's firm. Mr. Gottlieb's Civil Court, Queens County, Room 101 Seating Chart is both completely accurate and incredibly funny.

Thanks much also to a recent anonymous poster for some lively debate on the recent Appellate Division, 2d Dep't decision in Fogel v. Progressive.

In a bit of housekeeping news, please note that Erik B. Lutwin, Esq. has moved on in his professional career. Your humble blawger wishes Mr. Lutwin well. For the time being, I am the sole contributor to this blawg, but Mr. Lutwin was the one who got the ball rolling here, and he also devised the catchy title. Not having a fellow contributor makes the device of using the royal "we" that much more of a contrivance, so you'll forgive me if I continue to do so now and again.

Happy various holidays to all, and a Happy New Year, as well. Thanks especially to the two biggest long-running supporters of my site, Matthew S. Lerner, Esq. of New York Civil Law and Nicole L. Black, Esq. of Sui Generis. They provide much more traffic my way than the other way around, I'm sure, and I'm grateful for how often they feature my posts.


It's that time again, right
Kick out the old, welcome the new
Make your New Year's resolutions now!


(And a very Happy New Year from BBC1)


David M. Gottlieb, Esq. said...

Thanks for the plug. I tried e-mailing you guys back when it was you guys to give you the heads up and let you know I would be linking to you.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chart. You'll notice that there is a new one for obvious reasons.

Thanks again.

Erik said...

Best of luck with the blog Damin. I will take a look now and again.
David, I thought I wrote back a while ago about that. Anyhow, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Love the chart but it's Martyn Toher. You should do one for Rm 308 Mtns.

David M. Gottlieb, Esq. said...

I don't spend that much time in motions, but next time I'm there I'll try and do an accounting of who sits where. 101 was easy because I know where everyone sits; it's committed to memory (sad, I know).